RELX Group Reporter - Law 360 in Brussels, Belgium

Reporter - Law 360

Category: Editorial

Location: Brussels, Belgium

The online newswire Law360 is seeking an experienced reporter in Brussels to help cover EU financial regulatory and legal news, reporting to Law360's London bureau. The Brussels reporter will be primarily responsible for staying on top of related news from the European Commission, European Parliament and the Council. Daily tasks will require the reporter to pitch and write stories on developments of interest to financial institutions and corporate lawyers, including but not limited to the UK Brexit talks. Story production also will include features and analysis of that put subscribers ahead of the news.

The position calls for a self-starter responsible for developing a diverse group of sources among EU institutions, diplomats and Brussels-based lawyers monitoring regular updates to EU directives and legislation. The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate strong writing skills and a history of covering EU institutions as a journalist. Fluent written English will count as a basic requirement and additional language skills will be a plus.


· English proficiency

· 5+ years of paid, full time reporting experience

· Experience reporting on EU institutions

· Knowledge of financial regulation

· Demonstrated reporting, writing and organizational skills

Please note: qualified applicants will be asked to take a test online.

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